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Centre des trois Eaux

The center "Three Waters" is Greco-Roman style with its light marble, its blue tiles, the light coming afloat by a huge skylight. It offers over 11,000 m² the combination of the benefits of sea water, the thermal water and fresh water. In addition to its classic thalassotherapy center, it is also designed to accommodate spa guests in its thirteen private spa units (130 sqm).

Let yourself be cradled in a cocoon of calm and relaxation...in one of our private spa units( for one or two persons)
Each spa with a pervasive light of great sweetness feature spaces dry, wet care of thermal water pool, steam room and a relaxation room opening onto the gardens ...

Our seawater thalasso center features beauty care treatments by "Algotherm" and "Thémaé."

The thalassotherapy center is open all week from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:30 to 19:00

Our Partner

  • Total Surface area: 11 000m2
  • 13 private Spa (130m2/each)
  • 3 indoor sea water pools: 1 for leisure, 1 for re-education and a phlebologic course.
  • 2 spa bath
  • Humid Area: 4 hydromassage cabins, 4 affusion shower cabins, 1 jet shower cabin, 4 algotherapy cabins, 13 exclusive Spa, rest areas.
  • Dry AREA: 13 massages cabins.
  • Beauty Care Center: 14 cabins
  • Fitness Center: 2 hammams, 1 sauna for Women, 1 sauna for Men, 1 fitness room, The herbal tea room, Hairdressing center
  • The marine thinness treatment +

    If you made up your mind to turn the page on bad habits, to regain control of your figure or simply to feel the need to make place with your looks, the New Look cure has been created for you.

    4 treatments/day + salt flower hammam body scrub at the beginning of the therapy

  • The Overall Wellbeing treatment +

    Forget your every day tensions, take a thalassa break and take advantage of the sedative and dynamism and your vitality.

    4 treatments/day

  • Body Joint Wellbeing treatment +

    This truly specific treatment enables you to lessen the tensions and the pains related to body joints.

    4 treatments/day

  • The Wellbeing of the Back treatment +

    Learn to know your back again. Learn the reasons of your worries and the ways to handle the problems. This truly specific treatement enables you to lessen the tensions and the pains, to gain autonomy in your posture and to learn easy exercises you you can do at home.

    4 treatments/day

  • The Light leg Wellbeing treatment +

    A number of men and women of all ages suffer from leg problems :

    Vein troubles, oedemas, water retention. These very common aches have multiple causes : heredity, overweight, sedentary way of life…

    The treatement will help ease the pains by stimulating the ciculation.

    4 treatments/day

  • Mandara Feel +

    The legend mentions the ten phases of destruction and the means by which they were controlled. In this legend, Mandara Giri is a sacred moutain through which flows the water of life, a magical elixir which holds the power to remain eternally young.

    We cannot promise immortality, but through the Mandara treatment you will feel radiant and revitalized. You can even feel as good as you would be on the road to eternal life.

    4 treatments/day

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Introducing Hasdrubal Prestige

Imagine institutes facing the Mediterranean where everything is clear, well-being, relaxation.

Unique places, where there are special with delicious sensations of calm and balance by leaving gently envelop the benefits of seawater and marine climate.
Classical Thalassotherapy helps mitigate, if not erase the stress, overwork, overweight, relieve chronic rheumatism, back pain, circulatory problems ...

Thalassotherapy flowers goes even further ...

Experience has convinced us that the beauty of the body, the harmony between body and mind, awakening the five senses ... are essential to the success of your stay Health and Beauty supplements.

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